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The Roslyn Board of Education The Roslyn Board of Education
Board of Education
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U P C O M I N G   M E E T I N G S

• Thursday, October 20, 8:30pm at Roslyn High School

• Thursday, November 3, 8:30pm

The agenda (scroll down) is posted a few days before each meeting. Meetings are in the Board Room in the Central Administration Building, unless otherwise noted.

About Board Meetings

The Roslyn Board of Education welcomes residents, staff members, students and other interested persons to its meetings. We appreciate your interest in, and concern for, our schools.

The Board believes in conducting Board business openly and solicits and encourages broad-based involvement by the public, the staff and students in the Board's decision making process.

Decisions by the school board affect the education of our children and the well-being of our community. The Board can better represent its constituents when members of the community take the time to observe the Board in action, to express opinions and to ask questions.

Seated with the Board are the Superintendent of Schools, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Assistant Superintendent for Business, Assistant Superintendent for Administration, the student representative from the Roslyn High School Organization of Class Councils, and the District Clerk, who records the minutes of the meetings.

All meetings, except executive sessions, are held in public. Board meetings are designed by law to facilitate the Board's official business and encourage open discussion among Board members. State law specifies which topics may be considered in executive session only. Those topics include negotiations, real estate, personnel, litigation and items which could endanger public safety. Names of individual students or staff members may be mentioned only in executive session. Guests who wish to communicate with the Board on any items properly considered executive items should do so by letter.

School Board meetings are generally held on Thursday evenings at 8:30pm, unless otherwise announced. Locations are announced in advance of each meeting. Meeting dates are listed on this page and in the school calendar and are also advertised regularly in the Roslyn News.

The Meeting Agenda

The usual order of business at regular business meetings is generally as follows:

• Board of Education Report
• Superintendent's Report
• Student Representative's Report
• Discussion Items
• Public Comment on Agenda Items
• Personnel
• Business/Finance
• Curriculum and Instruction
• Board of Education
• Public Comment
• Adjournment

Copies of the agenda are available to the public at each meeting and are posted in pdf format with a link on the this page and on the home page of this website several days prior to each meeting. The agenda outlines the order of business for each meeting. The order of agenda items may be changed at the discretion of the presiding officer.

Public Comment

Though not required by law, public comment is invited near the beginning and at the end of each public Board meeting. The first public comment period of each meeting is limited to topics on that meeting's agenda. Each speaker is asked to address the Board directly and to limit his or her presentation to no longer than two minutes.

Comments about executive topics or individual students or staff members may be ruled out of order; such items should be addressed to the Board in writing.

Board Meeting Schedule 2011-12

July 6 … Re-organization Meeting

August 4

August 11

August 18 (cancelled)

September 1

September 15

October 6

October 20
  at Roslyn High School

November 3

November 17
  at Roslyn Middle School

December 1

December 15
  at East Hills School

January 5

January 19
  at Harbor Hill School

February 2

February 16
  at Heights School

March 1

March 15

March 28

April 17

May 3

May 15 … School Budget Vote

June 7

June 28

All regularly scheduled meetings of the Board begin at 8:30pm and are in the Board Room of the Administration Building, unless otherwise announced.

Agendas & Minutes of Meetings

Agendas are posted a few days prior to each meeting. Minutes are posted after they are approved by the Board. Attachments and addenda can be found under the agenda links.


July 6, 2011:
Reorganization Meeting:
 Agenda |  Minutes
Business Meeting:
 Agenda |  Minutes
July 20, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
August 4, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
August 11, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
September 1, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
September 15, 2011:
October 6, 2011:
October 20, 2011:
November 3, 2011:
November 17, 2011:
December 1, 2011:
December 15, 2011:
January 5, 2012:
January 19, 2012:
February 2, 2012:
February 16, 2012:
March 1, 2012:
March 15, 2012:
March 28, 2012:
April 17, 2012:
May 3, 2012:
May 15, 2012:
June 7, 2012:
June 28, 2012:


July 15, 2010:
Reorganization Meeting:
 Agenda |  Minutes
Business Meeting:
 Agenda |  Minutes
August 5, 2010:
 Agenda |  Minutes
August 17, 2010:
 Agenda |  Minutes
September 2, 2010:
 Agenda |  Minutes
September 16, 2010:
 Agenda |  Minutes
October 7, 2010:
 Agenda |  Minutes
October 21, 2010:
 Agenda |  Minutes
November 4, 2010:
 Agenda |  Minutes
November 18, 2010:
 Agenda |  Minutes
December 2, 2010:
 Agenda |  Minutes
December 16, 2010:
 Agenda |  Minutes
January 6, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
January 20, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
February 3, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
February 17, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
March 3, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
March 17, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
March 31, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
April 14, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
April 27, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
May 5, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
May 17, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
June 2, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
June 14, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes
June 21, 2011:
 (Special meeting) Minutes
June 30, 2011:
 Agenda |  Minutes

Click here for prior years' agendas and minutes.

Board Committee Meetings

Revenue and Efficiency Committee, TBA

Citizens Audit Advisory Committee, TBA

All committee meetings are in the Board Room at 7:30pm, unless otherwise noted.

Are You Registered to Vote?

Please contact the District Clerk, Cathie Britt, at 801-5002 or

Absentee Ballot Application

Write to Us

The School Board welcomes your communication by mail on any issue of concern. Correspondence may be addressed to:

Roslyn Board of Education
P.O. Box 367
Roslyn, NY 11576

You can also send email to:

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