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Legislative Affairs

Dear Roslyn School District Community,

The members of the Roslyn Board of Education believe deeply in the value of public education.

We further understand our role as advocates for our own school system and for public education in our state and country.

So very much of what impacts children and teachers in the classroom is decided in venues and by people far removed from the classroom. It is our hope to help educate our community with clarity on these matters so that together we can bring about necessary positive changes and focus on improvements to public education.

For the past several years we have engaged our representatives in our county and our state on such issues, including and primarily that of inadequate state aid and unfunded mandates which have so burdened our schools.

This page, together with its links will inform and engage you on the global issues of our time. So many of you have so often asked what you can do to help. From time to time you will be called upon for action.

We believe that a better educational system is possible, and within our grasp. We are committed to do all we can in this effort. We all know where we have been historically, both distantly and recently. It is time to set our sights upon where we are going, and what will serve best to get us there.

Meryl Waxman Ben-Levy
Board of Education President and
Legislative Affairs Liaison

Legislative Affairs Committee

The Legislative Affairs Committee has been authorized by the Board of Education in order to address pertinent legislative issues that affect Roslyn and other school districts in New York and the nation. The charge to the Committee says:

"The Committee will prepare recommendations for the Board with respect to federal and state educational priorities and proposed legislation. It will also review current educational legislation and make informational reports to the Board as appropriate."

Inquiries about Committee membership and other related matters may be directed to the District Clerk at 801-5002.


Legislative Action Network

Opposition Successful in Modifying Site Plan at TJ Maxx Shopping Center

Because of the opposition spearheaded by the Greenvale Civic Association, and with the strong support of the Village of East Hills, The Roslyn School District, and the Roslyn Rescue Fire Company, the North Hempstead Town Board did not approve the application for a 10,000 SF building on the property of the TJ Maxx shopping center. The Board voted on June 9 to approve the site plan with a modified 6,800 SF building, with some additional conditions.
June 2010

School District Opposed Early Parole for Scandal Perpetrators

The Roslyn Board of Education actively voiced its opposition to the early release of Frank Tassone and Pamela Gluckin, who were sentenced for their role in the Roslyn embezzlement.
Click here to read the Board of Education's statement.
November 2008

"Is This Any Way to Cap the Propety Tax?"

NYS School Boards:
"A Blunt Instrument"
June 5, 2008

NY Times Editorial:
Election-year "Gimmick" Will Do More Harm Than Good
June 4, 2008

Testimony by Nassau-Suffolk School Boards Association at the March 5, 2008 hearing of the Property Tax Committion

NYSSBA Interview with Commission Chairman Tom Suozzi, February 25, 2008

The Governor's Executive Order appointing the Commission on Property Tax Relief


Legislative Resources

The News



Beginning with the presidential election on November 4, 2008, Roslyn's elementary schools will no longer used as polling place for general and primary elections. This was the result of a concerted effort by school officials and residents working with Roslyn's other elected representatives.
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