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Residents May Send Victim Impact Statements
To Prevent Early Release of Embezzlement Felons

It is disappointing to learn that the felons, who were formerly employed in our Central Office, might receive an early parole without having served out the sentences imposed for their crimes and/or having made complete restitution to the school district. We in our community still deal with the impact of their crimes every day, as do all in the broader educational community due to the turmoil that ensued as a result of their crimes.

These felons, Frank Tassone, the former Superintendent of Schools, and Pamela Gluckin, the former Assistant Superintendent for Business, were convicted in the theft of millions from our children as part of what has been characterized as the worst financial scandal in the history of American public schools.

Their misconduct was part of such a gross betrayal of trust that the trial court judge likened it to treason.

We have written to the Victim Statement Unit, and District Attorney Kathleen Rice has written to the Parole Board and the NYS Department of Correctional facilities to have our concerns noted.

Any member of the public who wishes to make a statement may do so in writing to the Victim Impact Statement Unit NYS Division of Parole 97 Central Avenue, Albany, New York 12206.

Roslyn Board of Education
November, 2008

Click here for victim impact statements that you may download and send to the Victim Impact Statement Unit under your own name.