R O S L Y N   P U B L I C   S C H O O L S



drop capn 2005, the Roslyn School District embarked on an ambitious, multi-year program to address facilities issues throughout the district. During the 2005-06 school year, a professional firm engaged by the Board of Education, BJLJ Engineers and Architects, presented a comprehensive report which identified more than $20 million in possible capital projects.

Roslyn High School auditorium renovation

In the ensuing years, the district has undertaken a large number of renovations, upgrades and repairs in every school building, beginning with the most urgent items that affected safety or security and progressing steadily through the others. These projects involved roofs, doors, windows, floors, masonry, site work and many other items, as well electrical, ventilation, plumbing and security systems. The architects' report has been perdiodically updated, and new projects are initiated each year.

The links at the bottom of the page comprise a pictorial history of some of the projects that have been undertaken since the 2005-06 school year. This is not intended to be a comprehensive review of every one of the thousands of items addressed since 2005. Rather, it provides a broad overview of the extent of the work done in recent years.


Current and Upcoming Projects:

Roslyn High School Cafeteria

Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2011 on the renovation of the Roslyn High School cafeteria. Below is the presentation given by the architects at the Board of Education meeting of May 6, 2010; several renderings showing the existing cafeteria floor plan and proposed changes; and a 3-D animation that takes the viewer through the new cafeteria. (Note: The animation is a large file and may take extra time to download.)


Architects' Update: Cost Estimates, December 2010

Architects' PowerPoint Presentation, May 2010

Renderings of the Existing and Proposed Cafeteria

Animated "Tour" of the New Cafeteria


Restroom Renovations - District-Wide

Renovations will begin in 2011.


Architects' PowerPoint Presentation, December 2010




Spring/Summer Projects – 2009

Energy Performance Contract – 2008-2010

Turf Field Installation – Summer/Fall 2007

High School Auditorium Reopens – January 2007

Roof Repairs – 2005-06

Projects – Summer 2005

Presentations to the Board of Education regarding proposals for, and progress of, the Capital Improvement Program can be found on the Business and Finance page of the district's web site.


How the Program Has Been Financed

Voters have approved a series of measures authorizing the Board of Education to pay for capital improvements largely with funds recovered in the financial scandal, as well as portions of fund balances remaining at the end of several fiscal years, in order to undertake these projects without borrowing or further increasing taxes. For the last few years, the Board has also appropriated a sum in the regular school budget ($512,000 annually) for capital expenses. Here is a summary of the measures approved by voters since 2005:


• A special proposition approved on May 17, 2005 for roof replacement at all school buildings and the maintenance building; door replacement at all schools; blacktop and asphalt repairs; playground upgrades; athletic field improvements; security system upgrades; auditorium upgrade at the high school; and masonry repairs. Total: $5,112,219.


• A special proposition approved on May 16, 2006 for renovation of the Home Economics Building (now the Hilltop Academy), new high school chemistry lab, roof replacements, plumbing upgrades, high school telecommunications system, masonry repairs, security systems, door replacements, technology upgrades, blacktop and asphalt repair, playground safety upgrade, high school language lab, fire safety system upgrade, exhaust ventilation systems upgrade and field renovations. Total: $4,112,000.


District-wide roof replacements
• A special proposition approved on May 15, 2007 authorizing the establishment of a Capital Reserve Fund. The proposition authorized the Board to transfer $1.5 million in surplus into the fund from the 2006-07 budget and $2.5 million in each subsequent year, to a maximum of $10 million over a 10-year period. The fund is, in effect, a savings account for future capital projects. While the Board has authority to transfer money into the fund, only voters may approve expending money from the fund.


• A special proposition approved on May 20, 2008 authorized the Board to expend $1.5 million from the Capital Reserve Fund for masonry repairs, sanitary system upgrades, site work including drainage, asphalt, concrete sidewalks and parking lots, resurfacing the high school track, renovating high school courtyards, restoring the middle school athletic fields, window repairs and replacements, plumbing upgrades, electrical upgrades, general construction including repair of loading docks, stairs and door replacements, renovation or replacement of floors and gymnasium bleachers, and the renovation of the middle school auditorium.


• A special proposition approved on May 19, 2009 authorized the Board to expend $938,000 from the Capital Reserve Fund for drainage upgrades, repair of asphalt and concrete sidewalks and parking lots, Administration Building fire alarm upgrade and basement code compliance, masonry restoration, district-wide plumbing and electrical Upgrades, and window amd door replacements and repairs.


• A special proposition approved on May 18, 2010 authorized the Board to expend $3,000,000 from the Capital Reserve Fund for improvements including repair to asphalt and sidewalks; renovation of the Roslyn High School cafeteria; renovation of the Field House at Roslyn High School; District-wide plumbing upgrades including the renovation of bathrooms throughout the district, replacement or repair of the roof at the Maintenance Building; and District-wide repair and replacement of doors and windows. Supplemental funding was provided by State grants for the high school cafeteria ($350,000) and field house ($100,000) and an additional contribution for the field house ($100,000) from the Bulldogs Booster Club.


None of these referenda entailed additional increases in taxes. All were passed by wide margins. You may note that some of the project descriptions were repeated in several different years; this is an indication of the great extent of necessary repairs and upgrades throughout the district. Projects with the highest priority (e.g., those affecting health and safety) have been given priority, while less urgent ones have been funded in subsequent years. By law, virtually all projects require approval by the State Education Department and are subject to competitive bidding, both of which are time-consuming processes. Therefore, many projects cannot be completed in the year immediately following the referendum by which it was authorized, and projects approved in one year often overlap with projects approved in a later year.

Two other major capital initiatives were also undertaken in recent years. In 2007, the Bulldog Boosters Association led a fundraising effort to install an artificial turf field at Roslyn High School. In 2008, the district entered into an energy performance contract in which widespread upgrades and renovations are paid for by the resulting energy savings. Neither of these initiatives entailed additional tax increases. There are links for both of these items below.

To review the most recent Capital Fund Financial Report, click here.

If you have questions about the capital program, please contact Thomas Mohrman, Assistant to the Superintendent for Operations, at 516-801-5450 or tmohrman@roslynschools.org.



Projects – Summer 2005

Roof Repairs – 2005-06

High School Auditorium Reopens – January 2007

Turf Field Installation – Summer/Fall 2007

Energy Performance Contract – 2008-10

Spring/Summer Projects – 2009