R O S L Y N   P U B L I C   S C H O O L S



More Than Ready for Opening Day

The custodial and maintenance staff worked all summer to prepare the schools for opening day, 2005. Some of the projects shown here are part of the district's scheduled summer maintenance while others, such as roof replacements, represent the first phase of the capital program approved by the voters in May 2005.

An array of new fixtures in the Harbor Hill gym provide vastly improved light conditions.

Carpeting was removed in several Heights classrooms revealing beautiful wood floors, refinished by our own staff.

The gym floor in the Middle School's auxiliary gym was refinished, one of numerous flooring projects completed by staff this summer.

The East Hills computer lab was reconfigured to create a more effective learning environment.

An upgrade and reconfiguration of the Harbor Hill Library/Media center enabled the creation of some additional instructional space.

The new roof over the annex at the Heights School was substantially complete a few days before the opening of school.

The roof above the science wing of the high school is one of several roofs around the district that are being replaced.

Newly paved and reconfigured parking areas on both sides of the high school have created more than 50 additional much-needed parking spaces.

This courtyard outside the art department at the Middle School, previously filled with weeds, was finished with the help of a grant from the Roslyn Hilltop Educational Foundation. No new funds were allocated for this project.

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