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Ambitious Summer of '09

Capital improvements in the spring and summer of 2009 included the inception of the long-awaited restoration of the middle school athletic fields and further progress on the energy performance contract. Work was undertaken in each of the school buildings under the ongoing district-wide capital improvement program as well as part of annual maintenance.

The tennis courts at the middle school under reconstruction in August. In the background, contractors grade the baseball field and other playing fields. An additional parking area and exit along Locust Lane are also being constructed to alleviate congestion on the campus. The work is scheduled for completion this fall, though the fields will not be playable until 2010 to allow new grass to take root.

The auditorium at the middle school is undergoing an extensive renovation, with new seats, lighting, stage curtains, carpeting and doors. Above, contractors work on the stage rigging. The auditorium is scheduled for completion this fall.

Some bulldog spirit was added at mid-court to the refinishing of the main gym floor at the middle school.

A new brick sidewalk replaced a broken walkway, improving the appearance and safety of the entrance at East Hills. The PTA also contributed new trees and a garden, as the parent organizations throughout the district are supporting the district's efforts to enhance the appearance of our schools.

All of the windows and doors at the front entrance of the high school were replaced in June as one of the phases of the energy performance contract. Green improvements are being made throughout the district in order to reduce energy expenses – and at no net cost to taxpayers (click here to read more about it).

Also part of the energy performance contract is a critical but seldom-seen piece of infrastructure: two new electronically controlled boilers installed in the spring and summer at the high school. The boilers can run on either natural gas or oil in order to take advantage of price variations between the two fuels. They will save money and make the building more comfortable in the cold weather.

A retaining wall was replaced near the entrance to the administration building for structural integrity.

The pre-kindergarten area at Heights received a new floor, one of a number of flooring projects undertaken in the summer months around the district.

The paved playground area at Harbor Hill is being resurfaced under a new intermunicipal cooperation agreement with the Town of North Hempstead.

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