R O S L Y N   P U B L I C   S C H O O L S



Major Progress Visible on Roofs

Roof repairs comprise a significant portion of the capital program that has been under way in the district since it was approved by the voters in May, 2005. The Board of Education received a comprehensive report on January 19, 2006 on the progress of the work, which included the "before and after" photos shown below. The progress on roof replacements is clearly evident in the dramatic decline in the number of areas in which leaks used to be a chronic problem. The pictures show sections of roof that have been replaced; at the high school and middle school, for example, there are several independent roof structures over different sections of the buildings, all but the newest of which are slated for replacement.

Middle School roof before...

...and after.

High School roof before...

...and after.

Heights School roof before...

...and after.