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Roslyn Freshmen Win eCybermission Competition

eCYBERMISSION eCYBERMISSION Competition winners Ross Kaplan, Anvit Kalra-Lall and Andrew Penner

Three Roslyn High School Freshmen — Anvit Kalra-Lall, Ross Kaplan and Andrew Penner — won the U.S. Army's ninth annual cCYBERMISSION Competition with their device that harnesses the power of walking to generate energy. The team won a spot in the competition for a national award by being the winning 9th-grade team in the regional competition.

Read Newsday's coverage of the competition.


Student Wins Scholarship from
Association of School Business Officials

Fredenberg Award Lauren Abeles is congratulated by Roslyn High School Principal Kevin Scanlon, Assistant Superintendent for Business Joseph C. Dragone, and Guidance Counselor William Caruso upon winning the Philip B. Fredenberg Memoral Award for Outstanding Service.

Roslyn High School senior Lauren Abeles was chosen to receive the Philip B. Fredenburg Memorial Award for Outstanding Service, which includes a $1,000 scholarship. Lauren has been very involved working with students with disabilities and has volunteered a lot of her time with the Shooting Stars (Basketball) and Challenger League (Baseball). She also works at the JCC for youth education with students with disabilities.

The $1,000 scholarship was part of the prize awarded to Joseph C. Dragone, Assistant Superintendent for Business, when he received the Philip B. Fredenburg Memorial Award for Outstanding Service at the annual conference of the New York State Association of School Business Officials (NYSASBO) on June 7, 2010 in recognition of "his long and meritorious service to children, NYSASBO and the educational community."

Mr. Dragone’s total award of $1,500 was divided into two portions; a $500 cash prize that Mr. Dragone donated to a private fund that provides assistance to disadvantaged Roslyn children, enabling them to participate in school-sponsored programs, and a $1,000 scholarship which was given to Lauren for her outstanding service to the community.


Student Wins National Merit Scholarship

National Merit Scholarship Winner National Merit Scholarship Winner Scott Gladstone is congratulated by Director of Guidance Art Mandel.

Roslyn High School senior Scott Gladstone has been selected as a winner of a $2,500 National Merit Scholarship. He was selected as a National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist last September and became a finalist in March.

Two other members of the Class of 2011, Brian Chen and Se-Young Yoon also advanced to become finalists. The finalists were among 15,000 nationwide to reach that level, representing less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors.

About 1.5 million juniors in about 22,000 U.S. high schools entered the 2011 National Merit Program by taking the 2009 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT).


HS Student is "Dream Job" Competition Winner

Dream Job

Congratulations to Roslyn High School student Tori Gottlieb, whose original essay was chosen as the winning entry at this year's USA Today Dream Job Competition. Tori was awarded a full-day job shadowing at Dress for Success, an international non-profit that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire and helping them to achieve independence. Tori assisted a client in her "suiting" and helped to sort and display donations.

Newly inspired, Tori hopes one day to operate her own non-profit that will help women in need throughout the world who are victims of natural disasters. Tori is pictured in the boutique with Theresa Leuffen, Director of the Town of Brookhaven Office of Women's Services, and SallyKaye Kaufman, Roslyn High School business teacher.


Middle School Students Excel in Holocaust Literary and Arts Competition

Ten Roslyn Middle School students earned accolades in the annual Literary and Arts competition sponsored by the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center. Roslyn's Social Studies chair Paul Rosenboom congratulates the following 8th grade students for their excellence in the competition. They are:

Aansh Shah – 1st place literary essay
Esther Shin – 1st place art and sculpture
Josh Vance – 1st place in multi-media
Robbin Jang – 1st place in music
Ludia Ock – 2nd place art – oil painting
Emily Frank – 2nd place art-sculpture
Mandy Godman – 2nd place literary essay
Andrew Katz – Honorable Mention for literary essay
Lexi Stein – Honorable Mention for literary essays
Hayley Black – Honorable Mention in Literary essay


Numbers Add Up for East Hills and Harbor Hill
Students in Math Olympiad

Students from the East Hills and Harbor Hill Elementary Schools were among the more than 100,000 students worldwide who participated this year in the Math Olympiad program.

At East Hills, eight students received silver pins for scoring in the top 10% of their division and a total of 15 students received patches for scoring in the top 50% of all participants. Fifth grader Jasmine Galante was awarded a trophy, patch and silver pin for being East Hills School's top scorer. Other top winners were Johanna Kann, Zachary Khazzam, Robbie Benatar, Sawyer Fox, Henry Golub, Jerry Hu and Justin Leu. Students who were also in the top 50% were Max Garfinkel, Nicholas DiSanti, Samuel Miller, Michael Wechsler, Adrian Ke, Matthew Messina and Calista Sha.

At Harbor Hill, Adam Robbins was awarded a trophy for being the top scorer at the school. The other Harbor Hill students who were awarded with an embroidered felt patch for being in the top 50% of the participants were Adam Robbins, Alex Liu, Ramneek Kaur, Mark Russ, Jordan Bernstein, Kenneth Chavez, Tommy Drenis and Joshua Golden.

The students participated in a series of five monthly contests of five problems each, from November to March, and weekly practice sessions under the supervision and coaching of enrichment teacher Suzanne Falcone at East Hills and computer teacher Amy Braunstein at Harbor Hill. They taught the children to solve unusual and difficult problems and to think creatively.


Roslyn Students Win at International Science Fair

Two Roslyn High School students, Sarah Pak and Evan Schneider, spent the week of May 11 in Los Angeles competing at the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). The ISEF is the largest forum for the presentation of high school student research in the world. Over 1500 students chosen from all over the world were selected to attend this year's ISEF.

Sarah Pak (left) and Evan Schneider (far right), shown with teammate Abraham Killanin of Herricks, were winners at the International Science and Engineering Fair.

Sarah won a coveted 3rd Place Grand Award; Grand Awards are given to the top quarter of projects at the fair. In addition, Sarah snagged the $2500 First Prize from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and a $15,000 renewable scholarship to the Illinois Institute of Technology. Evan was competing as part of a team with Abraham Killanin of Herricks; the team will share a $2000 award from the Anti-Vivisection Society.

Sarah's project, "Would You Do It for the Kids? Factors Involved in the Prediction of Intergenerational Preferences," found that people who are patient and generous are more willing to sacrifice on behalf of future generations. Evan's study "The Effect of Gold and Platinum Nanoparticles on the Growth and Differentiation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells" showed that platinum nanoparticles enhance the normal development of stem cells, thus indicating their potential use in stem cell research.

Both students conducted their research at Stony Brook University; Sarah worked with Dr. Christian Luhmann, a psychology professor, and was advised by Dr. Allyson Weseley, Roslyn's Coordinator of Secondary Research. Evan worked with Dr. Miriam Rafailovich in her polymer lab.


Students Earn Accolades at Penn Model Congress

Four Roslyn High School students won awards at the Penn Model Congress competition held March 30 to April 2 at the University of Pennsylvania. They are: Julia Cohen (10th grade) – Honorable Mention for work on the Blue Senate Ethics Committee; Gilad Fefer (12th grade) – Best Delegate on the Red House Oversight & Government Reform Committee; Alain Sherman (10th grade) – Honorable Mention for work on the Blue Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee, and Honorable Mention for work in the Blue Senate Full Session; and Phillip Weinstein (11th grade) – Best Delegate on the Blue House Homeland Security Committee, and Honorable Mention for work in the Blue House Full Session.

The other students who participated were Hillary Hofer, Alex Jafari, Daniel Sikavi, Jordan Weinstein and Amy Xu.

Penn Model Congress strives to enhance political awareness and responsible citizenship through the study and debate of political issues in an intellectual setting. Founded in 1997, PENNMC has promoted these goals by providing high school students with a unique opportunity to participate in simulated sessions of the United States Congress.


Roslyn Students Shine at Long Island Math Fair

Fifty-two Roslyn Middle School and Roslyn High School students won awards at the Long Island Math Fair Finals that took place at Hofstra University on April 29, 2011.

The 8th grade Roslyn Middle School students and their awards are: William Berger, Bronze; Tim Chen, Bronze; Joanna Eichler, Silver; Hannah Friedman, Gold; Hardy Chen, Silver; Ben Crabtree, Silver; Jessica Futoran, Gold; John Gao, Silver; Alex Goodman, Silver; Robbin Jang; Gold; David Jaslow, Silver; Erica Landesberg, Silver; Robert Mandel, Silver; Zachary Michaels, Gold; Robbie Miller, Silver; Rachel Mintz, Gold; Ludia Ock, Silver; Dean Oken, Silver; Scott Pourshalchi, Silver; Bianca Rabbie, Silver; Jorden Rosen, Gold; Aansh Shah, Silver; Tyler Solomon, Bronze; Brandon Tepper, Silver; Josh Vance, Silver; Talia White, Gold.

The Roslyn High School students in 9th grade and their awards are: Alex Cohen, Silver; Huzefa Diwan, Silver; Jordan Fishbach, Gold; Joshua Goldenberg, Silver; Stephanie Haber, Silver; Ross Kaplan, Gold; Jerry Li, Gold; Robert Louis, Bronze; Arielle Mayourian, Bronze; Andrew Penner, Silver; Jacob Pion, Silver; Gabrielle Pomerantz, Bronze; Keith Rothschild, Silver; Hannah Skopicki, Gold; James Sun, Silver; Nicole Talerman, Gold; John Trezza, Silver; and Emily Yen, Bronze.

The students in 10th grade are: Spencer Davidson, Bronze; and Alec Urbach, Silver.

The students in 11th grade are: Isaac Fisher, Silver; Michelle Jung, Silver; Danielle Lefland, Bronze; Daniel Pollack, Gold; Kevin Sherwin, Gold; and Jesse Weisberg, Gold.


Roslyn Students Excel in Army-Sponsored Research Competition

This year, Roslyn High School students comprise the 1st and 2nd Place teams in New York State in the eCybermission competition sponsored by the U.S. Army. The 1st Place team of Anvit Kalra-Lall, Ross Kaplan and Andrew Penner are also the 9th grade Regional Winning team and will therefore move on to compete in the National Finals this June. The team studied ways to generate alternative energy, and each member of the team is already guaranteed to win a $2000 savings bond.

eCybermission team members Andrew Penner, Anvit Kalra-Lall, Ross Kaplan, Oona Intemann, Jacqueline Steinberg, Raina Kamdar and Cassandra Chan.

The 2nd Place New York State team has four members: Cassandra Chan, Oona Intemann, Raina Kamdar and Jacqueline Steinberg. The team studied the impact of texting on factors including high school students' academic success and health. Each of the girls will receive a $500 savings bond.

Three other Roslyn teams entered the competition, and all scored high enough to earn Honorable Mentions. Barry Yang, Brian Rogofsky and Andrew Wang studied student eating habits, Amy Xu, Alison Bichoupan and Julia Merker looked at ways to encourage students to recycle, and Rohit Mehandru, Josh Loria, Josh Goldenberg and Huzefa Diwan examined how portraying a business as "green" impacts people's intention to patronize it.

The teams began their work in Roslyn High School's Introduction to Research classes taught by Allison Bange and Vincent Kreyling. After the class ended in January, these teams elected to continue work on their projects independently with the help of Dr. Allyson Weseley, the Coordinator of Secondary Research. Key to the teams' successes, reports Dr. Weseley, was the help of Research Buddies Michael Cervia, Brian Chen, Scott Gladstone, Arjun Kuman and Sarah Pak.


Four Qualify for New York Science Fair

Based on their outstanding performances at the Long Island Science Congress, Roslyn High School juniors Rachel Freeberg, Ben Kornick, Christie Wang and Daniel Sikavi have been invited to present their research at the New York State Science Congress this June.


Roslyn Students Meet National Financial Capability Challenge

Twenty-three Roslyn High School students scored in the top 20 percent of the country in the National Financial Capability Challenge. One student, Jared Benatar, received a perfect score. Over 84,000 students nationwide took the exam. The other Roslyn students in the top 20 percent nationwide are Danielle Baxt, Katie Chang, Neil Cohen, Jeremy Diaz, Brandon Divack, Aaron Edelman, John Gowargy, Andrew Jacobs, Davina Kahen, Josh Lavi, Lawrence Leeds, Jeremy Mandel, Eric Meltzer, Adam Perlman, Daniel Rauchenberger, Keith Rothschild, Jesse Shorr, Brandon Sunshine, Ethan Szerlip, Andrew Wang, Josh Werman and Emily Yen.

The National Financial Capability Challenge is a program designed to increase the financial knowledge and capability of high school students across the nation so they can take control over their financial futures. Roslyn High School Business Teachers Jennifer DiPietro and Sallykaye Kaufman had their students take the online exam after teaching the basics of personal finance.


Senior Wins $35,000 for Procrastination Research

Caroline Trezza, a Roslyn High School senior, won $35,000 as a 2nd Place Winner in the Young Epidemiology Scholars Competition sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. "I was honored simply to be chosen as a YES Regional Finalist, let alone one of the national winners," said Caroline.

Caroline Trezza
Caroline Trezza won second place and $35,000 in the Young Epidemiology Scholars competition.

Caroline's project is the culmination of nearly two years of work. She designed and refined a model to look at factors that predict procrastination under the supervision of Dr. Allyson J. Weseley, Roslyn High School's Coordinator of Secondary Research. According to Dr. Weseley, "What sets Caroline's work apart from that of many other students is that it presents the cumulative results of two studies and evidences an excellent understanding of higher level statistical analyses."

Caroline found that students' self-efficacy, or their belief in their own capabilities, was a negative predictor of procrastination. The pursuit of high quality work for its own sake was also inversely related to procrastination, but a fear of failure was positively linked to procrastination. Caroline explained, "We may be able to lessen students' procrastination habits by teaching them to believe in their own capabilities, to strive to be perfectionists to meet their own intrinsic standards, or by instilling the belief that they do not need to define themselves and their worth by whatever work they hand in to a teacher. Understanding these ways in which we can lessen procrastination may then be a vehicle to reduce the subsequent stress and anxiety that students often face."

The competition finals took place the weekend of April 15-17 in Washington, DC, and Caroline was accompanied by her mother, Cathy Trezza, and Dr. Weseley. Caroline described the experience as "amazing," and explained, "It was so interesting to see different students' research from all over the country, and I not only enjoyed the presentations I saw but also the students I met."

Caroline is the fifth Roslyn student in the last seven years to be one of the top National Winners in the YES Competition. Roslyn High School has had at least one Regional Finalist in each of those years.

Caroline is still deciding whether to put her $35,000 to work at the University of Virginia, William and Mary, or Bowdoin; after that, she hopes to put her procrastination behind her.

See Newsday's front page coverage of Caroline's win at YES.


Two Qualify for International Science Fair

Each year, the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) draws top high school student researchers from across the world to present their work to experts in their field and compete for a variety of awards and scholarships. This year, Roslyn High School students Sarah Pak and Evan Schneider will be among the participants.

Sarah did her work at Stony Brook under the mentorship of Dr. Christian Luhmann, a psychology professor. Sarah's experiment looks at factors that impact people's decisions with regard to intergenerational dilemmas, situations in which people are asked whether they are willing to sacrifice today for the good of later generations. Sarah's study found that patience and generosity, two factors that had been studied separately, had a super-additive effect in predicting the outcome of intergenerational dilemmas.

Evan is competing as part of a team that did a bioengineering project at Stony Brook in the lab of Dr. Miriam Rafailovich. The project involved contrasting the toxicity of various nanoparticles and showed that platinum nanoparticles enhance the normal development of stem cells, thus indicating their potential use in stem cell research.

To qualify for ISEF, students had to win their categories at ISEF-affiliated regional science fairs. Roslyn had several other winners at this year's Long Island Science and Engineering Fair (LISEF) in March. Caroline Trezza placed 2nd in the Behavioral and Social Science category, Christie Wang placed 3rd in the Medicine and Health category, and Michelle Feldman received an Honorable Mention for her Behavioral and Social Science project.


Five Invited to Present at Research Symposium

Five Roslyn High School students spent their April Fool's Day in a very serious pursuit: presenting their scientific research at the Long Island Junior Science and Humanities Symposium at Stony Brook University. Schools across Long Island were invited to submit up to six student research papers, and the top 100 were selected to present at the symposium.

Jr Science & Humanities Symposiums
Sarah Pak, Kamyar Noori, Scott Gladstone, Arjun Kumar and Michelle Feldman represented Roslyn at the LI Junior Science and Humanities Symposium.

Representing Roslyn were: Michelle Feldman, Scott Gladstone, Arjun Kumar, Kamyar Noori and Sarah Pak. Students were divided into categories based on the topic of their papers. They delivered 12-minute PowerPoint presentations and then fielded questions from judges as well as members of the audience.

"Having such a large group of students invited was quite an accomplishment," commented Dr. Allyson Weseley, the district's Coordinator of Secondary Research. The JSHS is sponsored by US Army, Navy, and Air Force, and administered by Academy of Applied Science.


Two Roslyn Students' Work in LI's Best Young Artists Exhibit

Nelly Gordpour and Jordan Weinstein, two of Roslyn High School's Advanced Digital Photography students, have had their work accepted to the 15th Annual Long Island's Best art exhibit at the Heckscher Museum of Art in Huntington. The art works of Claudia Arnoldo, Nicole Bacharach, Michelle Feldman, Carly Goldman, Nelly Gordpour, Jessica Loria, Taylor Moskowitz, Bari Spanbock, Aspen Wang and Jordan Weinstein were first juried by 15 faculty and staff members from Roslyn High School to occupy the 6 entry spots allotted to the high school by the Museum before moving on. Of the artists who submitted, the works of Nicole Bacharach, Michelle Feldman, Nelly Gordpour, Jessica Loria, Bari Spanbock and Jordan Weinstein were chosen to advance to the jurors at the Museum level.

This juried exhibition features artwork by students in grades 9 through 12 attending public and private schools throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties. With 52 schools participating during the 2010-2011 school year, the Museum received 309 student artwork entries for jurying. Approximately 80 works of art were selected for display in the museum galleries. Long Island's Best is the only juried exhibition on Long Island that offers high school students the opportunity to show their artwork in a museum. The opening reception for the exhibit is April 9 and the exhibit is on view from April 9 to April 24.


Roslyn Student Is Finalist in National Epidemiology Contest

Roslyn High School senior Caroline Trezza was recently named one of 10 Regional Finalists in the Robert Wood Johnson Young Epidemiology Scholars (YES) Competition. Caroline was selected based on a research paper she submitted on the factors related to academic procrastination in high school students. In the next step of the competition, Caroline will travel to Washington, DC where she will give a 12-minute Power Point presentation and field 10 minutes of questions from a panel of expert judges. In addition to an all-expense paid trip to DC, Caroline has already won $2000; ultimately, the top two winners in the competition stand to win $50,000 in scholarship money.

Young Epidemiology Scholars competitors Caroline Trezza, Scott Gladstone, Hillary Hofer and Bobby Yeturu.

"I was really honored to be selected as a Regional Finalist," said Caroline. "A lot of people can relate to my project because procrastination is something many people face on a daily basis." Caroline's project was conducted at Roslyn High School under the mentorship of Dr. Allyson Weseley. After Caroline conducted her initial survey, she refined her model and tested it again. Ultimately, she found that self-efficacy was the most significant predictor of academic procrastination and that it mediated the relationship between students' intrinsic perfectionism and procrastination.

In addition, Roslyn High School also has 3 Semifinalists in this year's competition: Scott Gladstone, Hillary Hofer and Prabhat (Bobby) Yeturu. Each will receive a $1000 scholarship. Scott's project involved a secondary analysis of data that he conducted at Long Island Jewish Hospital with the guidance of Dr. David Bernstein. He identified several factors related to the success rate of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG), a procedure used when patients are unable to ingest food via their mouths.

Hillary and Bobby worked with Dr. Weseley to conduct their research at the high school. Hillary's study examined the relationships between children's perceptions of their parents' level of weight-related concerns and their feelings about their own weight. She showed that both boys' and girls' feelings about their weight were related to their perceptions of both of their parents' views, although the relationships with mothers' views were stronger. Her study suggests that parents may be able to encourage healthy body esteem in their children by expressing healthy views themselves. Prabhat surveyed students to see what factors predict marijuana use. He found students' perceptions of how socially acceptable marijuana use is to be the best predictor or their level of use.

"We're so proud of all four of our YES winners, and we have high hopes for Caroline in DC," remarked Dr. Weseley. Roslyn High School has had at least one Regional Finalist in the YES Competition for each of the last 7 years, and one of the top National Winners in 4 of those years.


Roslyn Student Advances to National Level in Chemistry Olympiad

Advanced Placement Chemistry student Daniel Pollack advanced to the American Chemical Society's National Exam level of the 2011 Chemistry Olympiad. Along with six other Roslyn students, Danny took a local ACS exam on March 5, 2011. Based on his excellent score, he was invited to take the second round of testing on April 17 to qualify for a spot on the prestigious national Chemistry team. Congratulations to Danny and the other students who participated in this event: Michael Cervia, Michael Lustrin, Nikhil Mehandru, Daniel Sikavi, Brent Weissmann and Alex Wu.


Science Team Members Excel at State Olympiad

Roslyn High School's Science Olympiad Team excelled at the New York State Science Olympiad Competition. By placing sixth at the Western Long Island Regional Competition, Roslyn High School's Science Olympiad Team qualified as one of seven teams from the region to attend the New York State Science Olympiad Competition. The competition, held March 18-19 at the United States Military Academy at West Point, hosted the state's 54 best teams, who represented the highest scoring of over 300 teams around New York State. Roslyn took 29th place at the competition, thus clinching a highly sought after spot within the top 10% of the leading schools in science in all of New York State.

Science Olympiad
Mr. Marvin and Ms. Tsarevsky with proud members of the Science Olympiad Team.

The team had great success at the two-day competition, placing in the top 10 in one event and claiming six top 20 finishes. Congratulations to Scott Gladstone and Brent Weissman for placing 8th in the Magnetic Levitation event; Tim Silber and Ethan Levy for placing 14th in Disease Detectives; Danny Pollack and Caleb Balbera for placing 14th in Chemistry Lab, 16th in Remote Sensing, and 17th in Dynamic Planet; and Scott Gladstone and Alex Wu for placing 19th in Forensics.

Faculty Advisors Irena Tsarevsky, Vincent Kreyling and William Marvin were extremely proud of the team's amazing results, as were Team Captains Scott Gladstone, Danny Pollack, Michael Lustrin, Nikhil Mehandru, Brian Chen and Michael Cervia. Faculty Member Mary Cronin and other competing team members, including Shane Ackerman, Caleb Balbera, Michelle Jung, Anvit Kalra-Lall, Ethan Levy, Arjun Kumar, Evan Schneider, Tim Silber, Brent Weissman, Alex Wu, Margaret Wu, Victor Wu and Bobby Yeturu, also showed their immense excitement at the team's success.

This is Roslyn's first return to the State Competition since a 35th place finish in 2004, and the team plans to keep up their enthusiasm, energy, and love of science in order to strive for competitive excellence next year and thereafter.


Mock Trial Team in Quarter-Finals

The Roslyn High School Mock Trial team recently competed in the quarterfinals of the Nassau County Mock Trial Tournament and placed in the top 8 in the county.

The Mock Trial Tournament is sponsored by the Nassau County Bar Association, and originally involved 45 Nassau County schools in competition with one another. Roslyn was victorious in two preliminary rounds in which all schools participated, the Intermediate Round in which the top 32 schools participated, and the Sweet Sixteen Round in which the top 16 schools participated. "Roslyn played in the Quarter-Final on March 16 and was defeated," said faculty advisor Jeremy Berman. "However, as quarter-finalists we ranked as one of the top 8 Mock Trial teams in Nassau County."

The Roslyn Mock Trial team includes Captains Arianna Bloom, Priya Bhardwaj and Gilad Fefer. Team members are Jamie Eisman, Oona Intemann, Danielle Lefland, Ruth Marder, Daniel Pollack, Jason Pollack, Daniel Rich, Sara Sirota, Sunny Tsao, Daniel Wasserman and Dulcie Xue.


Student Wins Award in Art Exhibition

Roslyn High School Senior Natalie Pesantez was an Art Supervisors Association senior scholarship winner in this year's ASA art exhibit held at Adelphi University on Sunday, March 20. For her efforts, Natalie was awarded $200 and a plaque commemorating her achievement.


Three Students Are National Merit Scholarship Finalists

National Merit Scholarship Finalists National Merit Scholarship Finalists Scott Gladstone, Brian Chen and Se-Young Yoon are congratulated by RHS Principal Kevin Scanlon.

Three Roslyn High School students of the Class of 2011 have advanced to become finalists after having been named semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program last September. Brian Chen, Scott Gladstone and Se-Young Yoon are among 15,000 nationwide to be named finalists, representing less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors.

About 1.5 million juniors in about 22,000 U.S. high schools entered the 2011 National Merit Program by taking the 2009 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT). These Scholastically talented high school seniors are now eligible for some 8,400 Merit Scholarship awards, worth more than $36 million, that will be awarded this spring to students across the country.


Roslyn Students Shine at DECA State Conference

Roslyn High School students performed well in the New York Distributive Educational Clubs of America (DECA) State Career Conference that took place March 9-11, 2011 in Rochester, New York.

Roslyn High School students competed in the state DECA conference.

The students earning medals for their top ten performances were: Jerry Li, Principles of Business Management & Administration; Rachel Vance, Wholesale Selling; Lizzy Siskind, Apparel & Accessories (exam); Seth Sterneck, Financial Services Team Decision Making; Brandon Perlman, Financial Services Team Decision Making; Sameer Noorani, Broadcast Advertising; Brett Edelblum, Public Service Broadcast Advertising; Nicole Lieblich, Wholesale Selling; and Lauren Mayo, Sales Demonstration.

The faculty advisor for Roslyn High School DECA is Business Teacher Sallykaye Kaufman.


Distinguished Teacher Award for Foreign Language Teacher

Alejandro Elena, a teacher of foreign language at Roslyn High School, has been named a Distinguished Teacher of 2011 by the Harvard Club of Long Island. He is one of a dozen teachers from Long Island to receive this award and will be honored at the Harvard Club's annual University Relations Lunch on March 27.

Alejandro Elena is congratulated by Judy Esterquest and Melissa Struck of the Harvard Club of Long Island upon receiving a distinguished teacher award.

Mr. Elena has taught all levels of Spanish, including AP, at Roslyn High School for the past seven years, with another five years of experience elsewhere. He was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and received his Masters degree from George Mason University and his Bachelors in English from the University of Mary Washington.

Jennifer Batel, a former student who will graduate from Harvard College next year, nominated Mr. Elena for this award, saying, he "was one of the best teachers I have ever had" and that, even though her favorite subjects in high school were always math and science, "Mr. Elena's Spanish class became one of my favorites."

Roslyn High School Principal Kevin Scanlon said, "Mr. Elena is an exceptionally talented teacher who creatively motivates his students.  This has led to him being one of the most popular and sought after teachers that I have had the pleasure to work with in my career. He consistently holds his students to a higher standard.  This expectation has led to a greater work ethic and pride in the work completed by all the students in his classes."

"These Distinguished Teacher Awards honor extraordinary people," explained Dr. Judith Esterquest, a board member of the Long Island club. "In our national conversation about where America should make investments, we on Long Island need to remind ourselves of the importance of recognizing and supporting our teachers like these — teachers who continue to influence our lives for decades after we sat in their classrooms."


Middle School Students Perform at LI String Festival

Three Roslyn Middle School students participated in the Elementary Long Island String Festival in March: Sixth-graders Joy Chung and Holly Kim, and Seventh-grader Ian Warshawsky. Music Teacher Jackie Martin is Vice President of Elementary LISFA and is very proud of her students representing Rosyln Middle School at the Festival.


Middle School Team 1st in Math Olympiad

Twenty students from the East Hills School, Harbor Hill School, and Roslyn Middle School attended the Fifth Annual Nassau Math Olympiad Tournament held on March 4 at SUNY Old Westbury. There were 225 students in grades 4-6 from schools throughout Nassau County at the tournament, which was co-sponsored by the Nassau County Mathematics Teachers Association and the Nassau County Association of Mathematics Supervisors.

Students competed in individual and team contests, and the problems they had to solve were intense and stimulated the minds of our students. The Roslyn Middle School Team took 1st place overall in the team competition. The students were coached by computer teacher Amy Braunstein, enrichment teacher Suzanne Falcone, and math teacher Gabriella Gizzi. Congratulations to all the students who participated.


Student Qualifies for National Forensics League Championship

Roslyn High School junior Corey Steinfast won fourth place in Dramatic Interpretation at the National Forensic League competition held at Syosset High School on March 5. This win qualifies him for the National Forensics League Championship to be held June 13-18 in Dallas. Corey presented a monologue by Eric Bogosian in the Dramatic Interpretation category. This is the first time in 15 years that Roslyn is being represented at this competition. The advisor for forensics is Jeri Malloy.


High School Teacher Invited to Apple Distinguished
Educator Program

Roslyn High School Teacher Lawrence Reiff was selected to participate in the Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) Program, Class of 2011. He will be attending an orientation at the ADE Summer Institute for a week of professional development, content creation and collaboration.

Lawrence Reiff

The Apple Distinguished Educator Program began in 1994, when Apple recognized K-12 and higher education pioneers who are using a variety of Apple products to transform teaching and learning in powerful ways.

"Larry Reiff's work with technology in the classroom is nothing less than a perfect model of how the process should work," said English Department Chairperson Josh Cabat. "By focusing on technology as a means instead of as an end, he is discovering new and exciting ways to engage his students in the substantive material covered in our curriculum."

Mr. Reiff is joining a select group of 1,700 education professionals worldwide who are passionately committed to the promise of educational technology to improve teaching and learning. Apple is pleased to welcome Lawrence Reiff as one of the 76 newly selected members for the ADE Class of 2011 in the USA.


Prudential Spirit of Community Honoree

Roslyn High School student Meera Vasishtha, a Prudential Spirit of Community honoree, was among a select group of talented and dedicated young volunteers to be considered for state-level recognition. Meera was thanked on behalf of Prudential Financial and the National Association of Secondary School Principals for participating in the program and praised for her community spirit, and the commitment and energy she displayed in her volunteer activities.


Good Citizen Award for Roslyn Student

Roslyn High School student Natalie Schiffer was chosen to receive the Good Citizen Award from the North Riding Chapter of the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution. Additionally, she will be entered into the state level Good Citizens Program competition. Natalie will be honored at the North Riding Chapter, NSDAR chapter meeting on March 15 and will receive a DAR Good Citizen Certificate, pin and monetary award.


Five RHS Students Advance to Science Fair Finals

Twelve Roslyn High School students spent Valentine's Day presenting their research to scientists at the competitive Long Island Science and Engineering Fair (LISEF). The top 30% of projects were invited to return for the final round, to be held on March 22.
LISEF Five of the 12 Roslyn High School students presenting their research at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair were invited to return for the final round.
Roslyn made a strong showing at LISEF, with 5 students advancing to the final round. Evan Schneider (and teammate Abraham Killanin from Lawrence) will return to compete in the Cell Biology Category, Christie Wang will represent Roslyn in the Medicine and Health Category, and Michelle Feldman, Sarah Pak and Caroline Trezza will all compete in the Behavioral and Social Science Category.

The other students from Roslyn who presented their research at LISEF were seniors Brian Chen, Scott Gladstone, Arjun Kuman, Kamyar Noori, Sunitha Samuel, Faye Sun and junior Danny Pollack.

At final round, the top 16 projects from Long Island will be selected to attend the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), which will be held in Los Angeles in May.


Roslyn High School Science Olympiad Team Wins Big at Regional Competition

Sixty-seven teams filed into the auditorium of Kellenberg Memorial High School on Saturday, February 5th, at the Western Long Island Science Olympiad Regional Competition. Roslyn students had spent the day braving the anxiety of taking a 150-question Anatomy and Physiology exam, attempting to reconstruct impossibly intricate Write It/Do It structures, and battling someone else's small robot in Sumobots, among a variety of other events.

The team placed sixth of the sixty-seven teams at the competition, making Roslyn one of the seven schools to qualify to attend the New York State Competition in West Point on March 18-19. It was one of Roslyn's best performances in years. The team received seventeen medals in eight different events.

Science Olympiad
(standing) Mr. Vincent Kreyling, Michael Cervia, Brian Chen, Michael Lustrin, Ms. Irena Tsarevsky and Mr. William Marvin. (kneeling) Nikhil Mehandru, Scott Gladstone, and Danny Pollack.

Congratulations to Scott Gladstone, Brian Chen, and Arjun Kumar for winning first place in Experimental Design; Danny Pollack and Caleb Balbera for second in Chemistry Lab; Michael Lustrin and Caleb Balbera for second in Write it Do it; Danny Pollack and Caleb Balbera for third in Ecology; Nikhil Mehandru and Michael Lustrin for fifth in Anatomy & Physiology; Danny Pollack and Alex Wu for fifth in Dynamic Planet; Brian Chen and Alex Wu for sixth in Astronomy; and Shane Ackerman, Anvit Kalra-Lall, and Arjun Kumar for sixth in Mission Possible.

Faculty Advisors Irena Tsarevsky, Vincent Kreyling, and William Marvin, along with Team Captains Scott Gladstone, Danny Pollack, Michael Lustrin, Brian Chen, and Nikhil Mehandru, and Executive Consultant Michael Cervia, led the states-bound team to victory. Faculty member Mary Cronin also helped the Roslyn Science Olympiad team achieve its tremendous success. Other competing team members included Shane Ackerman, Caleb Balbera, Michelle Jung, Anvit Kalra-Lall, Arjun Kumar, Evan Schneider, Tim Silber, Brent Weissman, Alex Wu and Bobby Yeturu.


RHS Student Named Finalist in MIT THINK Competition

Roslyn High School junior Christie Wang was a Finalist in this year's MIT THINK Competition. She submitted a project entitled, "A Novel Role of Cold Shock Protein in Mediating Hypoxia-Induced Inflammation in Microglia: Implications in Alzheimer's disease." Christie explained, "My project suggests a possible way to control the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease using cold-inducible RNA-binding protein."

MIT Think
Christine Wang was a finalist in the MIT THINK competition.

THINK stands for: Technology for Humanity guided by Innovation, Networking, and Knowledge. Students in the competition enter in one of three categories: Ideas Proposal, Home-Grown Project, or Lab Project. Christie entered in the Lab Project category. She did her work at the Feinstein Institute under the guidance of Dr. Weng-Leng Yang and is advised, as part of Roslyn's Research Program, by Ms. Lisa Daniels.

As a Finalist, Christie was invited to spend several days at MIT in early February. There, she had the opportunity to tour various labs and met with professors. Christie also got to attend the Tech Fair at which companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Boeing were showcased. The experience was capped off with a banquet at which Christie was presented with a trophy and a laptop computer. "The experience was really rewarding and interesting," said Christie.


Student Musician Recognized for Excellence

Gilad Fefer Roslyn High School principal Kevin Scanlon and Roslyn Board of Education president Meryl Waxman Ben-Levy recognize Gilad Fefer for his award of excellence.
Roslyn High School musician Gilad Fefer was named a 2010-11 Scholar Artist "Award of Excellence" winner by the Long Island Arts Alliance. Gilad plays violin and is concertmaster of the Roslyn High School Chamber Orchestra. He is also the leader/first electric violinist of Eclectic Electric. He plays piano, too.

"Gilad is one of those rare students who possesses the fortitude to be academically motivated while not only being an active member of the music department, but displaying superior musical ability in all ensembles of which he is a member," said Michael Coffey, Roslyn High School Orchestra Director.


Roslyn High School Students Capture 4 of 6 Top Awards
in Psychology Fair

Roslyn High School students Michael Cervia, Michelle Feldman, Caroline Trezza and Prabhat Yeturo were named Best in Category at the 2011 Long Island High School Psychology Fair held Tuesday, January 11. Michael competed in the Developmental Psychology category, Michelle in Social Psychology, Caroline in Educational Psychology, and Prabhat in the Interdisciplinary Category. Roslyn had a particularly strong showing in the Educational Category, where Brian Chen also claimed the Honorable Mention award presented.

Psychology Fair
Michelle Feldman, Caroline Trezza, Bobby Yeturo, Brian Chen and Michael Cervia were winners at the 2011 LI High School Psychology Fair.

Over 70 students and teams of students from over a dozen schools applied to be in this year's fair. The top 36 projects were selected based on the blind review of their one-page project descriptions and invited to give 10-minute presentations and then field questions from a panel of 3 judges. Roslyn had 7 projects (8 students) selected for the fair.

Michael's project looked at factors related to teens' piracy of music; surprisingly, he found that parent attitudes were better predictors than peer attitudes. Michelle's experiment demonstrated that landlords who advertise apartment via the Internet are biased against prospective renters who have African American or Hispanic names. Caroline surveyed her high school peers and showed that certain kinds of perfectionism are linked to academic procrastination. Prabhat created a model to test whether factors found to predict teen alcohol use would also predict teen marijuana use and showed that the two substances seem to be linked to disparate factors. Brian's experiment revealed that prospective teachers exhibit little bias in their evaluation of students of different races.

This year's event was the 3rd annual fair. It was founded in 2008-2009 by Dr. Allyson Weseley, Roslyn's Coordinator of Secondary Research. Anyone interested in judging or otherwise getting involved at future years' fairs can contact Dr. Weseley at


Three Roslyn High School Students are Intel Semifinalists

The snow and day off from school was an extra good day for Brian Chen, Sarah Pak and Caroline Trezza, three Roslyn High School seniors who learned that they are semifinalists in the prestigious INTEL Science Talent Search (STS).

Intel Semifinalists
Caroline Trezza, Brian Chen and Sarah Pak are Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalists.

All three students did their work in-house at Roslyn High School under the supervision of Dr. Allyson J. Weseley, the Coordinator of Secondary Research. Brian's study was an experiment that looked at how the ethnicity of a student-author affected prospective teachers' evaluations of an essay and perceptions of the student's intelligence and potential for success. Encouragingly, he found that author ethnicity had little impact. Sarah conducted her experiment in the local elementary schools. She showed that mandatory reading logs can actually decrease students' motivation to read. Caroline's ran two correlational studies to explore factors that predict academic procrastination. She found that students' sense of their ability to get academic tasks done and a pursuit of perfectionism in order to please themselves are linked with less procrastination.

Ten other Roslyn students entered this year's competition. "Entering the STS is an accomplishment in itself," said Dr. Weseley. Students submit 20-page write ups of their original research and complete an extensive application, including multiple essays. "While it's great when some of our students win the big contests, all students in our research program reap the benefits of working on something like a college thesis in which they sustain focus on a single topic and learn to revise and improve their work through multiple iterations."

Each of the 300 Semifinalists wins a $1000 scholarship and a $1000 award for their schools. Over 1700 students across the nation entered this year's INTEL Science Talent Search. Nearly 60 of the Semifinalists were from Long Island. Forty Finalists will be named on January 26.

This year's semifinalists continue a long history of success for Roslyn High School in the Intel Science Talent Search (once known as the Westinghouse competition). At least one Roslyn student has been a semifinalist in 30 of the last 31 years. Many were named finalists and continued in the competition, and six went on to become national winners.


Roslyn All County Music Students

A total of 64 students from the Roslyn schools were selected to participate in the 2011 Nassau Music Educators Association All County Music Festival held at the Tilles Center in January.

The students from Harbor Hill School, who are in Division 1, fifth grade, are Sandra Antoniuk, chorus; Gabe Corzo, band; Helayne Drell, chorus; Ellie Eisenberg, chorus; Talya Kalman, chorus; Juliana Ocasio, orchestra; and Stephanie Tom, chorus.

The students from East Hills School, who are in Division 1, fifth grade, are Jasmine Galante, chorus; James Hon, band; Emma Iadanza, orchestra; Justin Leu, orchestra; Nicole Turetsky, chorus; Dana Wagner, chorus; and Julia Wertheim, chorus.

The students from Roslyn Middle School in Division 2, sixth grade, are Joy Chung, orchestra; Abby Flyer, chorus; Holly Kim, orchestra; Jessi Perlman, chorus; Alyssa Rust, band; Natalie Vallone, chorus; and Vicky Zhou, orchestra.

The students from Roslyn Middle School in Division 3, grades 7 and 8, are Hardy Chen, band; Jacqueline Cotumaccio, chorus; Amanda Godman, chorus; Clara Jung, orchestra; Sohil Mohan, band; Arielle Popick, chorus; Daveen Rim, chorus; Diana Ro, orchestra; Alexa Shaffer, chorus; and Brandon Tepper, chorus.

The students from Roslyn High School in Division 4, grades 9 and 10, are Bilal Ahmed, orchestra; Zachary Ben-Levy, chorus; Elizabeth Berger, chorus; Emilia Bunich, chorus; Gina Casali, chorus; Cassandra Chan, orchestra; Tamilyn Chu, orchestra; Jonathan Goldberg, chorus; Joshua Goldenberg, chorus; Melissa Goldstein, chorus; Arvind Kumar, orchestra; Eric Liu, orchestra; Benjamin Steinberg, band and chorus; Nicole Sweet, chorus; and Justin Tepper, chorus.

The students from Roslyn High School in Division 5, grades 11 and 12, are Ciara Bradley, band; Gilad Fefer, orchestra; Sam Frey, band; Emma Gluck, mixed chorus; David Hur, orchestra; Kamala Iodice, mixed chorus; Jenna Kahane, mixed chorus; Maya Kalman, mixed chorus; Richard Ke, orchestra; Rachel Kim, orchestra; Michael Lustrin, orchestra; Shoshana May, mixed chorus; Katelyn McNelis, mixed chorus; Lila Olman, mixed chorus; Ilana Silverman, mixed chorus; Sunny Tsao, orchestra; Alex Wu, orchestra; and Margaret Wu, orchestra.


Roslyn Students Score High in Financial Literacy Test

Five Roslyn High School students earned medal status after taking the WISE Financial Literacy Exam in December. Roslyn students overall scored 20 percent higher than the national average, with Lyle Berstein scoring a perfect 100. The other students who will receive medals are David Blauzvern, Jared Benatar, Michael Lefcort, and Keith Rothschild. In conjunction with the NYS Department of Education, the exam is given to students in 35 states on topics that include insurance, banking, budgeting and investing. Coursework is designed to increase personal financial knowledge so that students can take control of their financial future. Congratulations to Ms. Jennifer DiPietro and her Career and Financial Management classes on a job well done.


Mock Trial Team Wins First Place in Wheatley Tournament

The Roslyn Mock Trial Team finished in first place in The Wheatley Tournament on December 1 at the Wheatley School. Ten teams from Nassau County school districts competed. In the first round, the Roslyn team played the role of the defense against a team from Wheatley and was victorious. In the second round, Roslyn played the prosecution against a very talented team from Great Neck North. Both teams earned high scores and praise from the judge, but Roslyn came out on top by one point. In the finals, Roslyn returned to the role of the defense against a terrific team from Glen Cove. This was another very competitive round, but again, Roslyn prevailed. Each member of the Roslyn team was given a small plaque to commemorate their victory, and Faculty Advisor Jeremy Berman received a larger first place plaque to present to the Roslyn administration.

This was Roslyn's 18th first place finish in the Wheatley Tournament since 1985.

"We spent two months training for this event, meeting on Wednesday evenings at 5:30 pm and usually going until 7:30 or 8:00 pm," said Mr. Berman. "The fact that team members were willing to commit to such a grueling schedule and bring such energy and collaborative spirit to our meetings demonstrates the level of commitment that made this victory possible."

The students who participated are Captains Ariana Bloom, Priya Bhardwaj and Gilad Fefer. Team Members are Jamie Eisman, Oona Intemann, Danielle Lefland, Ruth Marder, Danny Pollack, Jason Pollack, Daniel Rich, Sara Sirota, Sunny Tsao, Daniel Wasserman and Dulcie Xue.


Roslyn Student & Teammates Win 4th Place
in Siemens National Finals

Nikhil Mehandru, a Roslyn High School senior, and his partners, Sonya Prasad of the Wheatley School and Santhosh Narayan of Munster High School in Munster, Indiana, were named the 4th Place team in the National Finals of this year's Siemens Science, Math, and Technology Competition. "They were amazing!" said Dr. Allyson Weseley, Roslyn's Coordinator of Secondary Research, who traveled to Washington, DC with Nikhil for the competition finals.

The students developed a biosensor with the potential to detect and selectively target cancer cells for treatment. They conducted this bioengineering project at SUNY Stony Brook last summer under the guidance of Dr. Miriam Rafailovich. "Our long-term goal is to establish a coupled method for multimodal cancer detection and therapy, allowing for adjustment of drug release," explained Nikhil.

The road to the National Finals began with the submission of a paper that was judged to be amongst the top 6 in the region. At the Regional Finals in November, the team presented their work via Power Point and a poster to a panel of judges and engaged in a rigorous question-and-answer session. There, they were named the 1st Place team and invited to the national competition in Washington, DC which was held December 3-6.

The format of the National Finals was similar. Nikhil and team presented their work via poster the evening of Saturday, December 4 and then gave a PowerPoint presentation followed by a question session on Sunday, December 5. An awards dinner was held Sunday evening to honor all the National Finalists, but the results were not announced until Monday morning at a press conference. The 4th Place award comes with $30,000 in scholarship money to be split amongst the team members.

Nikhil plans to return to the lab this summer. His ultimate goal is to be a doctor and to continue his work in bioengineering research.

Roslyn Student Advances to National Finals in Siemens Competition

Nikhil Mehandru, a Roslyn High School senior, and his teammates, Sonya Prasad of Wheatley High School and Santhosh Narayan of Munster High School in Munster, Indiana won the Regional Finals, thereby becoming National Finalists, in the Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology. Their project is entitled "Engineering Nanoscale Transducers with Thermoreversible Hydrogels fora Dual Therapy of Cancer Detection and Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery."

"It is truly an honor to be named a Siemens National Finalist," said Nikhil. "I am looking forward to meeting with intellectual contemporaries at the National Finals who share my passion for science and technology."

Siemens National Finalists
Nikhil Mehandru (right) with his teammates Santhosh Narayan and Sonya Prasad, who are national finalists in the Siemens Math, Science and Technology Competition.

Nikhil's was one of five teams selected from our highly competitive region to compete at the Regional Finals, which took place at Carnegie Mellon University over the weekend of November 19-21. On Friday evening, students presented their work informally via a poster session. On Saturday, the students gave a PowerPoint presentation to a panel of 12 judges culled from Carnegie Mellon's science, engineering, and math departments. The presentation was followed by a 15-minute private question and answer session with the judges.

Nikhil, Sonya, and Santhosh, worked at the Garcia Center at SUNY Stony Brook last summer. Their project involves creating an economical tool by which potentially to detect and treat cancer. Nikhil explains that "By amalgamating cancer detection and treatment into one simple, economical step, our research has the potential to open the floor to home-based cancer therapies."

The National Finals will be held in Washington, DC from December 3-6. There, the team will face the winning teams from the five other regions of the country in a similarly formatted judging process to the one used at the Regional Competition. Asked about the team's chances at the Nationals, Dr. Allyson Weseley, Roslyn's Coordinator of Secondary Research, said "The team was terrific at the Regional Competition. Their work is amazing, and they are great under pressure. The competition will be fierce, but I'm sure they'll make us proud."


Physical Education Teacher Honored

Jill Scheinberg Roslyn High School Physical Education teacher Jill Scheinberg is the recipient of the 2010 Amazing People Award for the Nassau Zone of the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. The award is presented to members who have distinguished themselves as "amazing." Jill holds a teacher certification in special education and a master's degree in physical education, and has taught both adapted and regular physical education in the Roslyn Public Schools. She was recently recognized at a Board of Education meeting for receiving this award.

Photo: (left to right) Board president Meryl Waxman Ben-Levy, Jill Scheinberg and Director of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation Dawn Cerrone.


Roslyn High School Competes in Long Island Challenge
Long Island Challenge

The Roslyn High School Long Island Challenge Team will be on Cablevision Channel 14 on Sunday, November 21 at 5:30 pm. Roslyn competed against Carle Place in the first round and looks forward to the next match in February. Viewers can also go to IO On Demand Channel 614 to see the competition.

Team Members are Nikhil Mehandru, Captain, Jacob Benatar, Gilad Fefer, Michael Lustrin and Bobby Yeturu. Team advisors are Jean Bishop and Larry Reiff, who is pictured with the team.


Roslyn Marching Band Awarded Fourth Place at State Championship

The Marching Bulldogs perform at the NYS Field Band Championships at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse on October 31.
The Roslyn Marching Bulldogs competed in the New York State Field Band Championships (NYSFBC) on Sunday, October 31 at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. Following a terrific first place performance at the NYSFBC Phoenix Show on Saturday, the Bulldogs, under the direction of Pat Patterson, performed their 2010 "A Show Without Words" beautifully in championship competition. The band meshed complex marching drills with demanding musical compositions and graceful colorguard formations to impress the crowd at the Dome, which included over 100 Roslyn parents who had traveled to Syracuse to cheer on the Bulldogs. The Marching Bulldogs finished fourth in Small School 2 with an impressive score of 79.9.


Roslyn Has A Finalist and 3 Semifinalists in Prestigious Siemens Competition

Roslyn High School senior Nikhil Mehandru has been named a Regional Finalist in this year’s Siemens Math, Science and Technology Competition. In addition, seniors Brian Do and Scott Gladstone as well as junior Evan Schneider were awarded Semifinalist status. "This is a tremendous showing," enthused Dr. Allyson Weseley, the district's Coordinator of Secondary Research. "We are immensely proud of all our students who completed projects in time to enter the Siemens Competition and thrilled with their level of success."

Siemens Semifinalists
Nikhil Mehandru is a Finalist and Brian Do, Evan Schneider and Scott Gladstone are Semifinalists in the Siemens Math, Science and Technology Competition.

Nikhil worked on a team project with Sonya Prasad of Wheatley and Santhosh Narayan of Munster High in Indiana. The team did their research at the Garcia Lab at Stony Brook where they were mentored by Dr. Miriam Rafailovich. The project created a system that would enable the detection of cancer by a biosensor and the treatment of it with a hydrogel. Nikhil and his team will now advance to the Regional Finals to be held at Carnegie Mellon on November 20. "This is a great opportunity for me to share my interests in bioengineering research with others and learn more about the field from the experts who will act as judges," said Nikhil.

Evan's team project also came out of the Garcia Lab. His partner was Abraham Killanin from Lawrence High School, and the title of their project was "The Effects of Gold and Platinum Nanoparticles on Dental Pulp Stem Cells". They identified a particular kind of platinum nanoparticle that helped accelerated the differentiation of stem cells. Brian worked with Dana Huh from New Hampshire in Dr. Thomas Thesen's lab at New York University. The team used MRIs to study abnormalities in the thalamus associated with epilepsy. Scott entered with an individual project that he did at Rockefeller University. Working with Dr. Nils Halberg, Scott found that breast cancer cells with a greater likelihood to metastasize showed higher rates of blood vessel formation, a finding that could help lead to ways to combat the spread of such cancers.

This year, 1372 projects were entered in the Siemens Competition. Three hundred and twelve students were named semifinalists, and 94 were named finalists; eight of this year’s finalists are from Long Island. Roslyn had another finalist in the Siemens Competition just two years ago.


Roslyn High School Students in NYSSMA Winter Festival

Roslyn High School students were selected to perform at the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) Winter Festival held in Rochester, New York, December 2-5, 2010. The students and their musical groups are:

Gilad Fefer, Violin, String Orchestra
Ilana Silverman, Alto, Mixed Chorus
Emma Gluck, Soprano, Alternate
Ciara Bradley, Flute, Alternate
Sam Frey, Alto Saxophone, Alternate
David Hur, Violin, Alternate

Thousands of students auditioned for this honor last spring at NYSSMA Solo festivals throughout the state.


Roslyn Students in Long Island String Festival

Seven Roslyn students were selected to represent the Roslyn School District in the Long Island String Festival. These students represent the top musicians in grades 8-12 from all of Nassau County. The festival will take place on Sunday, November 14, 2010 at Massapequa High School.

From Roslyn High School:
David Hur, Violin
Rachel Kim, Violin
Richard Ke, Violin
Cassandra Chan, Violin
Eric Liu, Violin
Anvit Kalra-Lall, Viola
From Roslyn Middle School:
Diana Ro, Cello


148 Roslyn High School Students Are AP Scholars

One hundred and forty-eight current students and recent graduates at Roslyn High School have earned the designation of AP Scholar by the College Board in recognition of their exceptional achievement on the college-level Advanced Placement Program (AP) Examinations. The College Board's Advanced Placement Program provides willing and academically prepared students the opportunity to take rigorous college-level courses while still in high school, and to earn college credit, advanced placement, or both for successful performance on the AP exams. About 18 percent of the more than 1.8 million high school students worldwide who took AP Exams performed at a sufficiently high level to also earn an AP Scholar Award.

The College Board recognizes several levels of achievement based on student’s performance on AP exams:

• Sixteen students qualified for the National AP Scholar Award by earning an average score of 4 or higher on a 5-point scale on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams. These students are Andrew Califano, Benjamin Carus, Olivia Conetta, Alexa Dambra, Zachary Goldsmith, Jeffrey Gottlieb, Samantha Halpern, Anouva Kalra-Lall, Kate Kerpen, Aaron Levine, Lindsay Mandel, Nikhil Mehandru, Lauren Passaro, Nancy Shilian, Zachary Solomon and Kevin Xu.

• Sixty-three students qualified for the AP Scholar with Distinction Award by earning an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. These students are Rebecca Allen, Priya Bhardwaj, Austin Blau, Andrew Califano, Benjamin Carus, Brian Chen, Joshua Cohen, Olivia Conetta, Alexa Dambra, Gilad Fefer, Joshua Freeberg, Kyle Fried, Mansi Gogia, Zachary Goldsmith, Leeor Golos, Jeffrey Gottlieb, Samantha Halpern, Samuel Heyman, Hillary Hofer, Carlie Itchkow, Bobak Jahani, Audrey Joo, Anouva Kalra-Lall, Laura Karpas, Benjamin Kerpen, Kate Kerpen, Sharona Khaneyan, Hyunghoo Kim, Jennifer Kim, Allison Kolb, Kevin Kopinski, Samantha Labib, Elena Latzen, Ariel Lefland, Aaron Levine, Lindsay Mandel, Jessica Margulis, Joshua Mayourian, Kyle Mays, Nikhil Mehandru, Lindsay Milner, Alexa Myers, Sarah Pak, Jeanne Park, Lauren Passaro, Aesha Patel, Alyssa Perez, Austen Rabbie, Ernest Reeves, Zachary Reisner, Jay Ribakove, Jordan Richman, Max Rubin, Geetika Rudra, Simran Sahni, Spencer Schwartz, Nancy Shilian, Zachary Solomon, Heather Steinman, Feichi Sun, Alex Werman, Kevin Xu and Se-Young Yoon.

• Thirty-four students qualified for the AP Scholar with Honor Award by earning an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams. These students are Jacob Benatar, Marissa Bernstein, Jared Bolnick, Ki-Hoon Chung, Jacob Cooper, Christopher Decarolis, Trever Faden, Kevin Gin, Scott Gladstone, Samuel Greenwald, Logan Hanft, Jenna Kahane, Gabriella Kaplan, Arjun Kumar, Christina Leung, Derek Lin, Elizabeth Luckman, Chelsea Mandel, Jaron Mandel, Katelyn McNelis, Natalie Miller, Christina Mockler, Kamyar Noori, David Park, Holden Silverman, Allen Tan, Caroline Trezza, Emily Wasserman, Jenna Winston, Danielle Wolfe, Teresa Wu, Prabhat Yeturu, Grace Yi and Winnie Yung.

• Fifty-one students qualified for the AP Scholar Award by completing three or more AP Examinations, with scores of 3 or higher. The AP Scholars are Amanda Abrams, Claudia Arnoldo, Erik Bacharach, Nicole Bacharach, Evelyn Chai, Jamie Cooper, Miles Corn, Matthew Danialzadeh, Brianna Devito, Brian Do, Lara Elowsky, Andie Engelbert, Lily Frank, Talia Garti, Adam Goldfeder, Andrew Greif, Matthew Gubernikoff, Nikola Hadzibabic, Simon Hannanian, Rayna Herskowitz, Kamala Iodice, Amit Issa, Brian Jeong, Jessie Karten, James Kim, Jennifer Kim, Lauren Kim, Lauren Kobrick, Spencer Lindenman, Jordan Litt, Benjamin Mayo, Walter Mendoza, Paige Mintz, Zachary Mintz, Jawad Mourabet, Amanda Mumford, Shannon Navi, Sara Ribakove, Christian Roccotagliata, Samantha Rosen, Jacob Rosenfeld, Gavin Ryan, Sunitha Samuel, Jake Schwartz, Michael Sincoff, Katherine Siu, Jenna Spelke, Parsa Tafreshi, Sydney Waldman, Melissa Weisberg and Bradley Woloz.

Of this year's award recipients at Roslyn High School, 40 were juniors who will have one more year in which to complete college-level work, and possibly earn another AP Scholar Award.


Three RHS Students are National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists

National Merit Semifinalists Three Roslyn High School seniors — Se-Young Yoon, Scott Gladstone and Brian Chen — were named as semifinalists in this year's National Merit Scholarship Program. These students are among 16,000 nationwide to be named semifinalists, representing less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors. About 1.5 million juniors in about 22,000 U.S. high schools entered the 2011 National Merit Program by taking the 2009 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT). These scholastically talented high school seniors have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 8,400 Merit Scholarship awards, worth more than $36 million, that will be offered next spring.


Roslyn Students Essays on "This I Believe"

Two Roslyn High School students' essays have been published online at "This I Believe," an international project engaging people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives. Daniel Sikavi’s essay is entitled, "I Believe in Sticky Rice," and Rishabh Mohan's essay is entitled, "The Bricks Used to Construct a Building are More Important than the Building Itself." Essays are archived on the website, and some are heard on public radio. The piece stemmed from an assignment that English Teacher Jolene Grgas gave last year.


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